TTR™ Fabric – Tactile Texture Response

It’s all about the feel.

Our custom-made TTR™ Fabric is designed with your individuality in mind. In the development, our focus was on the wearability of the fabric, for EVERYONE! Whether you are looking for a luxurious feel, quick-drying active wear or something stylish to wear after the gym, we wanted to create a true second-skin experience, that everyone can enjoy.

For those with tactile sensitivities, gymwear can sometimes cause irritation or discomfort due to the nature of the fabrics. We want sports clothing to be accessible to everyone, so our development team worked hard to reduce this, whilst still retaining elasticity and durability.

TTR fabric is specifically manufactured for i-envy from polyamide which has been selected for its resilience and quick drying, moisture wicking qualities. This has been carefully combined with elastane to enhance freedom of movement, so it is can be used for a range of sport and lifestyle activities.

Awareness of neural and skin sensitivities has been
increasing over recent years, with a much greater understanding of the challenges tactile sensitive people suffer and yet the response of many industries to this new information has been limited. At i-envy, we are thrilled to be able to share our range with people who have previously struggled with itchy, tender post-workout
skin or who have avoided tight-fitting workout clothes altogether because of the discomfort and associated impact on their well-being.